Christmas Eve

It’s the most magical time of the year. Just imagine having Santa stop by your house and place a special present under the tree while you and your children sneak a peek.

This is Santa’s Christmas Eve visit.  During Santa’s visit, 1-2 gifts for each child are placed in a bag outside the front entrance of the home. Each gift should have the child’s name, and 1-2 “good” things about that child (Example: “Tom is so good at school.” “Mary is always helping her mother.”)

At least 15 minutes before Santa’s arrival, most of the lights should be turned off; the Christmas tree lights should remain on; and all of the children should be up in bed. Santa will call a few minutes prior to Santa’s arrival… (yes, yes this is the 21st Century and Santa has an iPone 6) At that time, the children should be awakened, and led downstairs to find a place to hide QUIETLY for the “Sneak-A-Peek.”

Santa will enter the front door, proceed to the Christmas tree, and slowly pull out each present, while saying, “I have to say, Tom is so good at school. He deserves many gifts.” “Oh, and Mary is always helping her mother.” Before leaving, Santa will say, “I’m sure I had more presents for this home. I’ll bet those elves forgot to put them in my sack! I’ll have to stop back later tonight and leave more gifts!”

Please feel free to take photos and video the entire visit.

Ideally Santa’s Christmas Eve visit requires at least 3 homes in the same vicinity, and in the same time frame. This helps spears the cost across all of the families.

Call Santa to schedule your Christmas Eve visit or workout the details.

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